Funding your Care

The following section aims to clarify funding arrangements and how they work, what we charge and how you will be invoiced and finally our policy on late payments.

For more information on the HSE Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal) please click here

There are basically three types of funding arrangements available to you when you decide to move to long term care in one of our care homes, these are:

1       Transitional funding:

This is where the state meets all your costs for a short period until your Fair Deal funding has been assessed and approved. During this transitional period, you will only be responsible for the service charge of €53.50 per week. In this instance, we advise great caution as within a short period you will be expected to meet a portion of the total costs under the fair deal contract. This agreement is between you and the National Treatment Purchase Fund also known as the NTPF. We have no input of say in how your contributions are assessed nor can we for legal reasons advocate on your behalf, this is a matter for you and the HSE or fair deal.

2       Fair Deal Funding:

Often when you are being referred from Hospital, you transfer on Transitional funding. However, if you are coming from home, another Care Home or in some instances from Hospital, you will already have been assessed in advance and your fair deal funding will be in place. In this instance the HSE will write to you informing you that you have been assessed and that you must meet a portion of the cost of your care. Typically, this could range from as little as €100 per week to as much as €600 per week depending on your financial circumstance. Unfortunately, we are not able to influence how this is assessed or decided, this is the role of the HSE and the NTPF. In addition to this you will be still obliged to pay your service charge of €53.50 per week, which is in addition to you NTPF contribution. These costs must be met by the resident and are payable one month in advance. Payment must be received before the first Tuesday of every month.

It is extremely important that if you feel that you will not be able to meet your assessed portion of the costs, for whatever reason, you must inform the Director of Care as soon as possible and we will try and understand the circumstances you find yourself in.

3       Private Funding

If you do not qualify for the Fair deal scheme you must meet the full cost of your care, please talk to us and we will be happy to explain our private rates and service charges for fully private residents.


4       What we charge, when we will charge you how we will collect payments.

1          In Ardmore care, in addition to your faid deal contributions or your transitional funding we charge an addition service charge of €53.50 each week. This is to cover the items of care which are not covered in your fair deal rate. These include entertainment and social events, access to multidisciplinary services, quality and safety consultancy. Full details are available in your contract of care.

2          On admission, we require you to complete a standing order mandate for your bank to ensure prompt payment of invoices. Our finance team will help you to complete the documentation.

3          We issue all invoices one month in advance and payment will become due on or before the first Tuesday of every month. We do not offer credit or allow arrears as out lined in your contract of care.

 Our Finance Team can be contacted at 01-6991640 or